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Sheriff Arpaio is a goal oriented guy who had it in his mind from the start that he wanted to leave a legacy in the world before he died. He started out as an innocent human being with a dream to make his mark on the world and change the world.

However, this desire turned into a twisted, evil mess of fanaticism, nativism, racism, prejudice and sadism. In a way, you can actually say that good ol’ Adolph had the same general life story, too. The only difference between Adolph and Arpaio is that Apario didn’t kill 6 million Jews. Well, Arpaio did something akin to it by accepting an interview with an anti-Semitic newspaper–if that means anything. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Sheriff Arpaio’s legacy includes an outdoor “tent city” jail (that is now closed), a bunch of innocent people who went through the traumatic experience of being detained for looking like “illegal aliens,” a lot of angry people, bad memories in the minds of inmates, and a whole of bright pink men’s prison uniforms and underwear in landfills.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey took note of the stunning, surprising-yet-not-so-surprising injustices that were going on under the decree of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. What he did was surprising because he was really going out on limb to be a hardliner authority figure.

However, it was not really surprising because law enforcement officials have a reputation for being brutal and unfair. Sheriff Arpaio was just another brutal law enforcement official looking to screw around with people. He is on a similar, but different level than those cops who you hear about killing innocent civilians for no good reason.

Lacey and Larkin zealously wrote about the misdeeds of the abhorrent sheriff in The Phoenix New Times, a local publication that is available online for the world to see. When they faced the lash of Sheriff Arpaio’s persecution for writing information about him, they wrote about him even more zealously.

Their brains almost exploded when they heard that “America’s Toughest Sheriff” had been granted a pardon by none other than President Trump. They weren’t the only ones. Massive amounts of people assembled to protest the outcome of the Arpaio situation.

Many of these people were from the demographics targeted by Arpaio’s prejudicial policies—people of various brown complexions, Hispanics, Muslims, DREAMERs, African Americans and people who have been crushed under his heel. The men really couldn’t do much other than write about their opinions about the event at hand.

It is interesting to think about what Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey will write about once Sheriff Arpaio kicks the bucket. Larkin and Lacey have many more expected years of life than Sheriff Arpaio.

They both happen to be somewhere in their swinging sixties while Sheriff Arpaio is pushing 90. Well, there are still a lot of reports of people who die of natural causes in their sixties, so just because someone is in his sixties, that doesn’t mean that he has thirty more years of life.

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How Sahm Adrangi Made A Fortune Shorting Chinese Stocks

Sahm Adrangi is a New York City Entrepreneur. He owns Kerrisdale Captial Management LLC and is the chief executive officer. He makes bets on the stock of small to medium-sized businesses that he and his team have performed analysis of. He can either go long or short depending on whether he thinks the company’s stock will go up or down, although he usually shorts company’s stocks. His hedge fund was opened with a pool of money accumulated from his own pockets plus family and some other associates. He has done very well with the hedge fund, starting with when he spotted irregularities in some Chinese companies.

It was in 2011 that Sahm Adrangi was investigating company on American stock markets who were Chinese businesses. For some of them something seemed really off. As he dug in further he could see that some of these companies weren’t doing near the business they were claiming to do. One of these was China Marine, a company that sold some sort of algae drink and snack foods. He saw a discrepancy between what they were saying in United States Filings and what they were telling the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, a part of the Chinese government.

With further investigation of China Marine, Sahm Adrangi could see they were reporting really high profit margins to those in the United States that didn’t exist. He shorted the stock and released his findings saying that they were lying in their SEC financial statements. Soon enough it was revealed their quarterly profits were just $1 million, a number that was 85% less than the year before. Between this and the other Chinese companies he shorted he made an extraordinary return that year as he cashed out of his short positions.

Sahm Adrangi has made a name for himself in the financial industry as someone that can spot things through savvy research that others fail to see. He started out Kerrisdale with just $300,000 and just three years later he was managing $250 million, for example. He currently focuses on telecommunications companies and those in the biotechnology sector.Twitter

Neurocore Is The Best Treatment For ADHD and Depression

About Neurocore

Neurocore is a company that specializes in neuro-diagnostic assessments. The company is based in Michigan and headquartered in Grand Rapid. Until now patients with ADHD and depression had limited treatment. Dr. Royer, a former neuropsychologist, founded Neurocore to help his patients. The therapy resets the patient’s brain to eliminate negative symptoms.

Neurocore treatment cost $2100.00 per 30 sessions. However, the treatment is a one-time thing. It doesn’t require any follow-up medication or diet. The treatment is non-invasive and easy to do. It only involves watching a movie. The patient ears and head are connected to electrodes. This is used to monitor the heart rate and breathing. The only complaint the patients have is the paste and the scheduling. Read more at about Neurocore.

The ten20 conductive paste can cause a skin rash. Some patients questioned if the paste is toxic. However, the company stated that the paste is a topical cream. Therefore, ten20 conductive paste is non- toxic. Neurocore does offer an alternative for sensitive skin. The Neurocore therapy is growing in popularity and appointments are scheduled accordingly. However, the company doesn’t have unresolved issues with its patients. They have a perfect score with the better business bureau.

Neurocore treats these patients without medication. The patient ears and head are connected to electrodes. This gives the device the ability to chart the heart rate and breathing. Therapy doesn’t involve medicine or needles. They simply sit in a private cubicle and watch a movie. The device is constantly monitoring brain activity and sending it signals to correct itself. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

During Treatment

The neurocore device charts the heart rate in red and the breathing in blue. It has the ability to mix biofeedback with neurofeedback. The brain activity is monitored for normal behavior. Once the patient brain is in an abnormal state the screen shrinks. This signals the brain that something is wrong. The device tells the brain to take a deep breath. This rushes oxygen and blood to the brain to feed it. This increase the number of neurons in the brain. In return, the neurons secrete endorphins to the brain. This is known as the feel-good hormone. It works as a painkiller and relaxes the brain.

Tiffany Pojesk told Fox17 that Neurocore helped her son. Jackson suffered from poor concentration and not sleeping. He had to take medication to sleep. However, after just 40 Neurocore sessions he was symptom-free. He is off his medication and his mind is sharp.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Pay Close Attention to Issues with Minorities

Since Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know there are things they’ll have to do to help minorities, they know there will be other things they’ll need to do to make sure they are trying their best and doing things the right way. They have spent a lot of their time giving attention to other people and showing them how they are able to get more out of the situations they are in. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The men have been in situations where they are minorities and they have had to deal with negative aspects of those. There have been so many things they have done that have made it harder on them when they were trying to get the most out of different situations.

Because they know how it is to be a minority, they also know what it is like to go up against people who are much more powerful than them. Since the men have done their best to give people the chances they need to improve, they are working as activists.

They want others to see that being a minority isn’t the worst thing that could happen but they also want people to see they are able to get the most out of their own lives even if they are a minority.

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin brought attention to the issues the minorities were facing, they knew there would be some things that would need to change. They had always wanted others to know there were things that could happen and things that would be more positive for all of them.

On top of that, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin knew how they were going to react when people took other things into account. It was their way of making sure others understood what they were doing and making sure people were confident with the skills they had.

Thanks to the men, the minorities were able to get more from the situations they were in. They were also able to show people they could do things easier and do more with what they had to offer.

All of it went back to making sure minorities were taken care of and they were getting what they could from the opportunities they had. There were times when they felt they were going to need to try different things for the people they were helping and that’s where Frontera came in.

Even though the men could talk about a lot of different things as journalists, they knew they were going to need to show action.

The Frontera Fund would be where the action would come from and they could put that into perspective with the things they were doing. All of it was how they were going to do things and all of it was the right way to make sure they were offering the most in different situations.

As long as the men were confident in who they were with what they were doing, they could stay dedicated in different situations.

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Adam Milstein Article

Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American philanthropist, is an exceptional individual in every aspect. With ambition and empathy in spades, Milstein’s goal is to create a better tomorrow for Israeli-American peoples. Milstein spent the majority of his professional career as a real estate investor, a field where he found enormous success. Additionally, Milstein’s humanitarian pursuits and positive effects on the Israeli-American community have resulted in him being hailed as a role model and community leader. Adam Milstein is also a self-described patriot, fervently believing in the American Dream. An Israel native, Milstein is also a picture perfect example of the American Dream in practice, and

Milstein’s career began after his service in the Israeli armed forces. After extensive service, where he served in the Yom Kippur War, Milstein arrived in the United States. Milstein used his arrival to cultivate success and partake in the plentiful higher education options available to him. Having received his MBA from USC in real estate investment shortly after his arrival in 1981, Milstein set to work on a legacy of success. Milstein’s real estate career took place chiefly in Southern California, one of the most difficult places to practice in the country. A managing partner at Pacific Properties, Milstein found enormous success out of the gate.

Milstein’s most notable successes came after his tenure as a real estate investor. Having been awarded the position of the Chairman of the Board at Israeli American Council, Milstein’s efforts as a philanthropist yielded fruit almost immediately. With the epicenter of his efforts being the well being Jewish Americans, Milstein’s work to improve their quality of life has resulted in extremely positive results. With his reach extending to several other organizations as well, such as StandWithUs, Israel On Campus, Christians United For Isreal, and several more, Milstein’s effects on the Jewish community have been overwhelmingly positive.

Adam Milstein’s career has been a credit to the entirety of the Israeli-American community. Having dedicated a large portion of his career to cultivating positive relationships between other cultures and his own, Adam Milstein’s ambitions have resulted in a better world for thousands of people, and Adam Milstein’s lacrosse camp.

Top Executives Crumble At The Negotiating Style Of Desiree Perez

The RocNation Chief Operating Officer, Desiree Perez has long been accepted as one of the top female executives in the entertainment industry after carving out a career based on her skills as a tough negotiator. However, there is a lot more to the life and career of Desiree Perez than just the ability to negotiate contracts on behalf of the RocNation owner, rapper Jay-Z who has been working with Perez for more than two decades. Looking back at the career of Desiree Perez brings into focus the successful nature of the career of the New York-based executive who grew up in the entertainment capital of Las Vegas.

Negotiating a successful contract is something many people can do but few have the skill to create the list of deals Desiree Perez has crafted through her combination of business skills and tough negotiating style. The trademark tough negotiations of Desiree Perez first came to the attention of the public in 2008 when the initial ten-year deal with Live Nation to form RocNation was created, and her Linkedin.

After the successful end of negotiations headed by Desiree Perez, the Chief Operating Officer of RocNation has become the go-to executive when a new deal is needed by the brand. Among the skillful negotiations completed by Perez is the $200 million contract signed between the brand and the mobile network, Sprint to allow the development of the streaming platform, Tidal launched recently by Jay-Z, and learn more about Desiree Perez.

Despite her success in empowering women looking to follow in her footsteps as entertainment industry executives, Desiree Perez has looked to return to her roots and focus on developing new artists for the RocNation label; in fact, Perez curates playlists on the Tidal streaming platform dedicated to bringing new artists to the attention of a public eager to hear those she recommends, and

Daniel Taub Takes Step to Defy Anti-Semitic MP

Daniel Taub has always stood up against antisemitism. An example of this is when he visited Bradford. This was after an MP from Bradford declared that Bradford is an Israel-free zone. That reeks of antisemitism, as it clearly tries to convey the idea that if someone is from Israel, in other words, if someone is a Jewish person from Israel, they are unwanted in his city. Daniel Taub, the ambassador from Israel to the United Kingdom, visited Bradford to make a point.


The truth is that he did it after the community in Bradford invited him there. The MP wanted nobody from Israel, including tourists, to visit there, and he did not want any products from Israel either. The community wanted to show that they did not agree with that, so they called him to attend a meeting with faith leaders.


After Daniel Taub visited there, he said that his impression of the residents of Bradford was that they did not agree with Galloway, the MP who made the remarks. In fact, he said, they were very welcoming. They did not hold the same views as he did. He said that it showed how people can live together in harmony.


The police in Britain were launching an investigation into Galloway. He said that he did not want anyone from Israel to even visit there. This caused an uproar on social media.


Daniel Taub said that his own message is that the real conflict in the Middle East is between the past and the future. You can not allow yourself to be drawn into the past. You have to go forward into the future. Galloway appears to be in the past. He has put out various crazy anti-Israel conspiracy theories, such as that Israel gave chemical weapons to Al Qaeda. These kinds of conspiracy theories are common among anti-semites and neo-Nazis. He denied saying those theories, but they have been recorded. He also once stormed out of a debate saying that he did not debate Israelis. Learn more:


Daniel Taub said that he came because he was invited by the people of Bradford. This was a clear message from them that they did not agree with Galloway and his message. There is a long history of cooperation between Bradford and Israel, Daniel Taub said, and Galloway does not speak for them at all.




What Makes Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Mall Different

The Manaira Mall was the project that Roberto Santiago had thought about for years. He wanted to make the mall so people could come to enjoy it whether they wanted to go shopping, eat food or be entertained. He thought his mall would be better than all the rest because he had great ideas for it. Among these ideas were the things he was going to do to actually make the mall an enjoyable place for everyone. Roberto Santiago meant to make the mall better and always tried his best to show people they could have an enjoyable experience when they came to the mall. It didn’t matter if they were shopping, dining or trying to find all the best entertainment options they could use while they were at the mall. Even though Roberto Santiago tried his best to make sure he was helping people, he still had to continue pushing forward and making Manaira better.


One of the most important parts of the business is the shopping center. Roberto Santiago tried to make sure all the contracts he had were exclusive. He didn’t want designers to be in his mall and to also be in a mall down the street. He continues to make these contracts with all the other designers that he brings into the mall. Doing this allows him to be the best option for people who are trying to find great clothes and things that are affordable for themselves.


In addition to shopping, people will sometimes come to the mall to enjoy a fine dining experience. Whether they are coming to eat at the restaurants or they are just stopping at the food court, Roberto Santiago wanted to make sure they had options. Manaira Mall is able to cater to people who are looking for many different food options. It offers chain restaurants, traditional Brazilian fare and anything else visitors may be looking for. If they are at Manaira Mall, they will be able to get all the food they want no matter what they are looking for.


As long as Roberto Santiago is running the mall, he knows that entertainment will continue to be something people can enjoy while they are visiting. He also knows there will be a way for people to try and make things easier on themselves if they are going to get entertained. Thanks to Roberto Santiago, there are over 11 theaters in the mall. The theaters are not the only form of entertainment, though. People who come to the mall can visit the expo center and can enjoy the various events that go on there on a regular basis. Roberto Santiago intended for the mall to have the best entertainment.


Sussex Health Care: Senior Living Home And Healthcare Facilities

For over 25 years, UK based Sussex Health Care has provided quality care and support services for older people and other people with dementia, neurological issues, PMLD and other challenges. The company’s care homes have garnered widespread praise and several awards for their person-centered care, excellent equipment and facilities and warm, caring, highly qualified, experienced staff. Sussex Health Care offers 24-hour support and care along with treatment, therapy, and mentally stimulating, fun activities for their residents. That includes physiotherapy, reflexology and occupational therapy.

Providing the ill and elderly with housing, respite services and care in a safe, comfortable environment where they’re loved and respected is a wonderful gift. At Sussex Health Care, they offer all those things plus they provide stimulating activities that help residents by improving their intellectual, physical, social and emotional capacity and well-being. The staff also gives the residents the love and respect they need to thrive. They have the talented, caring, doctors and nursing teams with the training to treat the many complex mental, physical and emotional health issues older adults and injured people face.

The Sussex Health Care team uses art therapy, music, movement, cookery and a wide array of diverse, effective therapies for seniors. They also have trained chefs that transform fresh, high-quality ingredients into tasty, wholesome meals that nourish and strengthen the residents’ minds and bodies. Sussex Health Care also offers excellent care for dementia, acquired brain injury and neurological conditions using traditional and unique, innovative, new approaches to those and other aging-related acquired conditions at their purpose built facilities.

Their dedication and commitment to excellent care and support services for each individual designed to meet their needs help set Sussex Health Care homes apart. Manned by fully trained staff, the facilities have speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistance all in-house. They also use alternative therapies like reflexology, aromatherapy, spas and hydrotherapy pools. They are focused and enthusiastic about improving seniors and other residents’ activity level and quality of life.

At Sussex Health Care they offer personalized care packages tailored to meet their resident’s unique, specific needs whether they have memory loss or any other condition. The staff also works with local clubs, colleges, specialist teams and consultants to provide good social interaction in the local community. They maintain excellent relationships with several excellent local hospital to ensure patients can get additional care if their complex medical needs call for it.

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Sahm Adrangi – founder and Chief Investment Officer

The fame of one individual called Sahm Adrangi had spread like a bushfire in the recent times after he made various appearances for interviews to media channels including CNBC as well as Bloomberg where he shared an expert opinion on the direction of the market. More remarkable was when he was enlisted in the various publications such the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, The Washington Post, the Business Week, the Business Daily among others. It is a one of its kind experience in the life of Sahm Adrangi which opened a window for many prospects that came along his journey to financial success.

After graduating from Yale University, Sahm Adrangi, who is currently 33 years old started his career earlier in his life. After working in many corporations, he made a life decision to pursue a cause that would make him a boss of his own. Without much to do, in 2009 he founded the Kerrisdale Capital Management, a company that he also works as the Chief Investment Officer. As a result of his seasoned expertise in the financial sector, Sahm Adrangi was likely to take the company to a different level of success. However, a significant achievement was realized in July 2017 when a regular report indicated that the company’s value of the assets was close to 150 million dollars, an amount that was significantly higher than 1 million dollars when the group was formed way back in 2009, and

The devotion in the leadership tenure of Sahm Adrangi at the Kerrisdale Capital Management was so unique in the sense that he would institute necessary changes as well as the adoption of strategies and regulations that saw to it that the company maximizes on its profits generation while minimizing on losses. He not only participated in diverse aspects of the firm’s development process but also came with strategic directives that altered the whole modus operandi of day to day activities in the corporation. It was not going to be business as usual when Sahm Adrangi directed a specific focus to an area of specialization. Nonetheless, the firm used to conduct research that shared with diverse groups as well as industries and other stakeholders, and more information click here.