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Solving Cold Cases with Help from Securus Technologies

We had a fugitive in our city who was responsible for some very violent crimes, but due to technicalities, he was out on the street conducting business as usual. He was the suspect in a very violent crime, but his lawyer was able to get the judge to allow him to be out on bail until the court date.


Knowing this fugitive, we all had a feeling he would resort back to his old habits because that was all that he knew. We only had a few weeks to collect evidence or his trail would be here and he would most likely get off with a slap on the wrists. As the court date approached, we noticed a string of violent home invasions, and we definitely recognized the way in which these crimes were committed.


As if the suspect was taunting us, we could never get the evidence we needed or catch him in the act. Securus Technologies just installed their updated call monitoring system, and my team decided it might be worth it to take a listen.


Surprisingly, inmates were talking opening about our suspect, how he was pushing the envelope, how he should lay low, and how he shouldn’t be hiding with a former inmate. Once we collected enough information about his location, we were able to do surveillance on him and follow him to a location where he pulled off the latest of his violent crimes. We waited until we had rock-solid evidence that would keep him behind bars for years before we swarmed his location and took him to jail.


Whitney Wolfe’s ‘The Hive’ is A Dating App You Can Visit In Person

Dating App Bumble has a short term physical location in New York.

The space, called the Hive, will be open for a month. Depending on a variety of factors that time may expand, and they may look to try other locations. The Hive is beautifully stylized with a bee-hive motif.

Founder and CEO, Whitney Wolfe, wants the Hive to be the location for a series of events. Some focused on relationships, and some on female entrepreneurship. She herself will be hosting a panel with the founders of Skimm.

The Hive is also a space for dates, fans of Bumble, and a place for anyone to hang out.

Whitney Wolfe has stated that her plans are beyond dating. She wants to extend Bumble further into the social network sphere. This has led to the launch of Bumble BFF.

Bumble users had been requesting a way to use the App after they were already in a relationship. Bumble BFF is the answer to this request. It is a selectable option in the App which gives people the ability to find other people who are looking for BFFs.

Whitney Wolfe grew up in a rural area in Utah. It wasn’t until her parents brought her to Paris that she first got a glimpse of the wider world. It was short-lived though, and she soon moved back to Salt Lake City. This instilled a sense of wanderlust in her, and after high-school she traveled the world. Her time in the world led to her first dream of a clothing and jewelry business.

Unfortunately this dream never came to fruition. Instead she joined Hatch Labs to work on projects, one of those being Tinder. When she broke up with co-founder Justin Mateen her time with Tinder ended. But her passion for this sort of project did not end. Soon she was in talks with Andrey Andreev, CEO of Badoo, one of the largest social platform’s in the world.

With the help of Andreev, Whitney Wolfe developed and launched Bumble, and has once again reached massive success.

Find more about Whitney Wolfe: http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2015/08/bumble-app-whitney-wolfe