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What Sets the Fabletics Fashion Brand by Kate Hudson Apart from Its Competitors?

Fabletics went from being an obscure e-commerce fashion brand to an overnight sensation in less than five years. The company’s meteoric growth of over 200% resulted from carefully planned and executed business strategies by the founders, Adam, Don and Kate Hudson working together. One of these fantastic strategies involves the use of online reviews to boost product sales in prospective shoppers. Online reviews helped Fabletics to seize the massive power of the crowds and it didn’t take long for the brand to start making over $250M in sales revenues, yearly.


Crowdsourcing using Online Reviews


Fabletics researched and discovered that the online shopping crowd was mostly drawn to brands or service providers bearing the most positive reviews and ratings. Their consumer findings also indicated that business brands and products with positive reviews tended to attract more repeat customers and referrals than those brands without reviews or with negative reviews. The BrightLocal Research Group found out that well over 84% of the modern-day consumer’s trust and rely on online reviews when selecting brands. 60% of the respondents in the study by BrightLocal reported using negative reviews to disqualify prospective brand names.


Trust Issues


According to Trustpilot CEO and Founder Peter Holten Muhlmann, it’s not just Fabletics that’s using consumer reviews strategies to boost online sales, but all the worlds, ‘smartest brands’. The CEO argues that the modern-day consumers tend to trust the candid views of the online reviewers over the opinions of the sales representatives of the particular brand.


Recent findings by two SEO titans, The Local SEO Guide, and Moz, found out that brands with positive online reviews ranked better on all the leading search engines, Google included. No wonder, the top-rated websites attract better online ad’s conversion rates for ads by Google. The novel idea of crowdsourcing via online reviews is also in effect in the hotel industry. Yelp knows all too well the impact losing a star in the rating has on a brand’s reputation and revenue prospects.


Fabletics is best known for its ‘athleisure’ products. Athleisure is a collective term used by Fabletics to denote the remarkably affordable women’s activewear, namely shoes, yoga pants and sports bras and shorts. Fabletics has a subsidiary called TechSytle Fashion Group, formerly known as JustFab and together these retailers hope to have set up an estimated 30 stone-and-mortar outlets all over the US. This fast-growing fashion brand launched in 2012 is the brain-child of the American investing duo of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler achieve success


Lifestyle Quiz


Kate Hudson spoke to MSNBC and reaffirmed Fabletics’ mission to become a one-stop shop for women interested stylish, affordable and superior quality active wear. It was instant love between the over one million customers and the brightly colored and fashionable apparel by Fabletics and its subsidiaries. Kate Hudson is actively involved in the designing, production and marketing process at Fabletics. Kate Hudson aspires to create authentic workout apparel that she herself can comfortably wear in Hollywood and still look glamorous. Don’t believe us, why not give Fabletics a trial run and witness something unique and different. We urge you to have a go at the fun Lifestyle Quiz by Fabletics and get free fashion tips and ideas.


Desiree Perez Accomplishments in Music and Entertainment

The music and entertainment department is considered to be one of the most profitable in the international market. In the year 2016, the industry is believed to have registered huge revenue of more than seventeen billion dollars. According to a recent survey, this is more than a third of all the industries in the global market. The department has proven to be one of the most competitive, and the slackers do not thrive. Most of the leadership roles in the entertainment department are dominated by makes. There are several women who are trying to thrive in this unit, and Desiree Perez is one of them. Although the face of the competitive industry is changing, women like Desiree have played a key role in the change and more information click here.

Desiree Perez has been in the music department for some time now, and she has had the opportunity to work with the biggest shakers and movers in the world. Some of the celebrities who have been fortunate enough to work with Perez include Jay-Z, Rihanna and many others. For the last two decades, Perez has been working with Jay Z, and she has made him what he is today. Just like other celebrities, Jay-Z has several emperors, and they have been handling various niches. Perez has played a crucial role in supporting all these business opportunities so that her boss can increase his profits and learn more about Dez Perez.

According to people who are close to Jay –Z, Perez has been a critical player in the success of the businessman. With her help, the respected musician has managed to transform from being a rapper to one of the most successful and respected business moguls in the world. In most of the cases, Dez Perez is in charge of the backroom negotiations. According to close friends, Perez ensures that her boss gets the best deals in all the boardrooms she attends.

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