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Adam Milstein Article

Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American philanthropist, is an exceptional individual in every aspect. With ambition and empathy in spades, Milstein’s goal is to create a better tomorrow for Israeli-American peoples. Milstein spent the majority of his professional career as a real estate investor, a field where he found enormous success. Additionally, Milstein’s humanitarian pursuits and positive effects on the Israeli-American community have resulted in him being hailed as a role model and community leader. Adam Milstein is also a self-described patriot, fervently believing in the American Dream. An Israel native, Milstein is also a picture perfect example of the American Dream in practice, and http://www.adammilstein.org/bio/.

Milstein’s career began after his service in the Israeli armed forces. After extensive service, where he served in the Yom Kippur War, Milstein arrived in the United States. Milstein used his arrival to cultivate success and partake in the plentiful higher education options available to him. Having received his MBA from USC in real estate investment shortly after his arrival in 1981, Milstein set to work on a legacy of success. Milstein’s real estate career took place chiefly in Southern California, one of the most difficult places to practice in the country. A managing partner at Pacific Properties, Milstein found enormous success out of the gate.

Milstein’s most notable successes came after his tenure as a real estate investor. Having been awarded the position of the Chairman of the Board at Israeli American Council, Milstein’s efforts as a philanthropist yielded fruit almost immediately. With the epicenter of his efforts being the well being Jewish Americans, Milstein’s work to improve their quality of life has resulted in extremely positive results. With his reach extending to several other organizations as well, such as StandWithUs, Israel On Campus, Christians United For Isreal, and several more, Milstein’s effects on the Jewish community have been overwhelmingly positive.

Adam Milstein’s career has been a credit to the entirety of the Israeli-American community. Having dedicated a large portion of his career to cultivating positive relationships between other cultures and his own, Adam Milstein’s ambitions have resulted in a better world for thousands of people, and Adam Milstein’s lacrosse camp.

America’s Educational Reforms

Dick DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos. Betsy is a daughter of Edgar Prince, the late Netherlands industrialist. The couple’s family background is well known in the USA political regime. Dick and Betsy both come from family backgrounds that value the essence of charity. In my opinion, Dick and Betsy’s philanthropic attributes were nurtured in their respective family origins. The couple’s source of funds is their established foundation.


For DeVos’ family, their charity project indicates that education is a priority. This factor has been supported by my research on the couple’s donation’s graph to educational groups. In 2015, Dick and Betsy allocated over $3 million for education. This, according to my statistics accounted for 26% of their charitable giving that year. Dick and Betsy also give their support to groups that advocate for educational reforms. They support the activities of these groups by funding them. Their foundation gave away $357,000 to the educational reform groups. The couple’s main aim is to improve education in the United States of America.


Dick DeVos postulates the presence of many great administrators and teachers who perform wonderful jobs in schools. Dick’s agenda is to give support to these talented teachers by providing an improved educational system. Earlier, Dick and Betsy’s charity in the education sector benefited the schools in Michigan. At the moment, Dick and Betsy intend to the extent their giving hand to other states and the country. I purport that Dick and Betsy are geared towards restructuring the educational policy in the whole state of America.


Dick and Betsy are also innovative. In the past five years, the couple’s launched the first aviation charter school in the USA. The aviation school was launched in the Gerald R. Ford International Airport grounds. In 2013, the DeVoses contributed in the purchase of the school’s first plane. Dick and Betsy gave away $315,000 for the plane’s purchase. Over the years, the contributions of Dick and Betsy have attracted other philanthropists. The other fundraisers to the aviation school’s giving include President George W. Bush and the Apollo astronauts. In my opinion, giving for charity creates a way for further accomplishments.


Besides being a philanthropist, Dick DeVos entered into politics in 2006. Dick ran for the Michigan state governor under the Republican ticket. According to me, Dick DeVos is deterministic. Dick spent almost $40 million to fund his political campaigns for the quest of the Michigan governor. The money Dick supplied for his campaigns became of aid to the people of Michigan.


Dick DeVos is also a family person. Dick is married to Elizabeth DeVos. Together, they have four children named Elissa, Andrea, Rick, and Ryan. Currently, Elizabeth DeVos is the Education Secretary in the Trump Administration. Dick and Betsy are renowned for their philanthropic and political contributions in the United States of America.