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DeNova Homes Hosts Event for Orange Coast College Students

In an effort to hold their commitment to community outreach, the entity known as DeNova Homes has held an event to support a number of architecture students who currently attend Orange Coast College. During the event, the division president Alan Toffoli spoke to 40 students about the support from DeNova Homes. After the speech, the students would go on a site tour to view two of the model homes and the construction site at Aura. This tour would provide the students with a glimpse of how the architecture process works and what type of projects they will need to do in their future career. The students are scheduled to view a number of properties as a way to enhance their overall educational experience in this field. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/orange-coast-college#/entity


Orange Coast College is a two year community junior college located in Costa Mesa, California. It is one of the leading educational institutions in Orange County as it provides a number of programs that give students plenty of opportunities to seek out a career. The college offers a number of degree programs that will prepare students for entry level careers as well as pursuing further education at the undergraduate level. Students attending Orange Coast College will have the opportunity to study programs in fields such as business, marketing, accounting, healthcare and information technology. As a result, they will have plenty of opportunities to pursue a variety of career paths that will help them reach their goals.


Along with offering a wide variety of academic programs, Orange Coast College offers a number of student organizations and activities that will provide a great experience. Students can participate in a number of clubs that will provide them with insight and guidance for their future career. There are also clubs and organizations that provide students with the opportunity to get actively involved in things they are interested in as well. Another thing about Orange Coast College is that it offers facilities that can contribute to educational development. The school recently built a new planetarium that can allow students to learn more about astronomy and the universe. When attending this college, students can learn at a pace that is convenient for them by taking online courses.